Luxury Location Guide: Balearics - Ibiza

Luxury Location Guide: Balearics – Ibiza

The White Isle is world famous as the spiritual home of all kinds of electronic music played in some of the world’s finest nightspots. However, in recent years Ibiza has been making successful efforts to broaden its appeal. Outside of San Antonio and Ibiza Town, the island is home to a number of stunningly beautiful smaller villages and coastal communities set amongst the handsome, rugged rocky…

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Location Guide - Costa del Sol - Estepona & Sotogrande

Location Guide – Costa del Sol – Estepona & Sotogrande

Estepona and Sotograndeare two of the most idyllic communities to grace the Costa del Sol, both with their own very different histories and equally interesting stories to tell. Whereas Estepona has many hundreds of years’ worth of history accumulated within its historic old town, Sotogrande was developed in the 1960s to be a fashionable and luxurious private community. Today, residents of both…

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Location Guide - Costa del Sol - Marbella

Location Guide – Costa del Sol – Marbella

Marbella luxury real estate

When it comes to high-end European destinations many would regard the Costa del Sol, and in particular Marbella, as the cream of an extremely impressive crop. Marbella is often considered to be the Spanish St Tropez, and it’s easy to see why this comparison is so readily made. A beautiful resort town that is a magnet to the wealthy for it’s stunning range of luxury real estate, as well as to…

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Location Guide: Portugal - Quinta do Lago

Location Guide: Portugal – Quinta do Lago

Set amidst luscious scenery and some of the most beautiful coastline that the Algarve has to offer, the rolling Quinta Do Lago resort area is without doubt one of the finest and most prestigious parts of Portugal. You can’t fault the location in any way at all, as on both sides the resort is flanked by the rolling blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful greenery of the Ria Formosa National…

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Location Guide : Portugal - Vale do Lobo

Location Guide : Portugal – Vale do Lobo

The Vale do Lobo is without question one of the premier resorts in Portugal, offering a dazzling range of facilities and activities to entertain families and visitors of all ages and interests. Having been established now for many decades there’s no doubt that the community management team who run this exclusive resort know exactly what they are doing, ensuring that their guests and residents…

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Venetian Luxury Property Market

Venetian Luxury Property Market

For those looking to purchase a luxury home, Italy is often a popular choice for the location, especially Tuscanyand Venice. This does sometimes mean that properties are hard to come by, so advance planning may be required – especially if you want to live right in the centre of the city. Townhouses are extremely popular and some of these properties date back to the 15th Century. The styles of…

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Location Guide : Cap Ferret & St Tropez

Location Guide : Cap Ferret & St Tropez

When it comes to the luxury property market St-Tropez and Cap Ferrat are two of the most glamorous and desirable locations along the entire of the glorious southern French coast, both to visit and to purchase a luxury property. Both offer the very best of a quintessentially French experience, while also offering an amazing array of things to do and places to see, all set in a beautiful and…

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Location Guide : France - Cannes Special - Vence & Mougins

Location Guide : France – Cannes Special – Vence & Mougins

Without doubt the villages of Saint-Paul-De-Vance and Mouginsare two of the most picturesque and un-spoilt communes in France, with both possessing extraordinarily rich cultural heritage that makes them quite unique for destinations so comparatively small. Both villages are incredibly beautiful in their own right, and are situated on and around hilltops – a defensive necessity when they were…

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Unique Livings’ Ultimate Property Buyers Guide to France

Unique Livings’ Ultimate Property Buyers Guide to France


Purchasing a property in France is generally a relatively simple process and the following steps give a basic outline of how it is done.

Step 1:
Once a price for a French property is agreed upon, both the vendor and the purchaser sign an initial contract called the ‘compromis de vente’. This binds both parties subject to finances. It means that the vendor cannot accept another offer from a third…

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August’s Top 10 Luxury Properties

With many to choose from it’s sometimes hard for us to showcase an individual property from our extensive portfolio. So here is our Top 10 Luxury Properties of August. We bring you only our most popular properties of the month, giving you an insight into the hottest locations from around the world and where to maybe invest your money in the luxury property market. 10. Eight Bedroom Luxury Villa…

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